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Current Projects

Here is all the computer graphics program from September 2022, when I started my journey as a student majoring in Computer Graphics and Game Technology Program.

Mini Minecraft

GLSL Path tracer

Mesh and skeleton editor

Work: Projects

Past Projects

Here is the game projects I've worked on from 2020 to 2022, when I began to work as a game develper. I took EECS 494: Introduction of Game Design and Game Development in University of Michigan. I reproduced, designed and created three different games. Afterwards, I keep developing in XR projects and game project for fun with friends.

A introductory virtual rocket lab allows multiple student experimenting with Newtonian physics of motion and the physics of gravity. 

Here, I rearranged the main experiment menu's layout and blueprint functions.


Wolverine Studio: Fall 2021

Ragnarök TD is a 2D top-down tower defense game created as a case study of Ninja Kiwi's Bloons TD 6. Here I attended the developer team and  assisted in building player, enemy, level functions.

Project Tower.png

EECS 494 Project 3: Winter 2020

Ramo is a fast-paced competitive 1v1 experience, in which players have to grow a tree to the top. I mainly in charge of revising game design and implementing items.



EECS 494 Project 2: Winter 2020

Reflection is a puzzle platformer. Controling player and his reflection to switch through a mirror and pass the puzzle. I designed and implemented it in a two-week fast-race tiny project.


The Legend of Zelda: NES

EECS 494 Project 1: Winter 2020

This is a starter project in Unity to replicate the original features from The legend of Zelda, NES version. We reimplemented a dungeon level and created a new portal gun function in the map of same genre.

Work: Projects
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